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Taking Cinderella to the Ball: How a mimetic anthropology restores the theological virtue of hope (text, pdf, epub) - Presentation for COV&R at SLU, St Louis, Missouri (8 July 2015). Video:

New book in French

12 leçons sur le christianisme is the French translation, in one volume, of the full text of the “Jesus the Forgiving Victim” course. Some of the more oral style of the course has been edited into a more recognisably literary form for French readers.

Traversing hostility: The sine qua non of any Christian talk about Atonement - presentation for the Colloquium ‘For Us and for Our Salvation: René Girard and the Doctrine of Atonement’, held at Heythrop College, London (7-8 November 2014).

Towards global inclusion of LGBT people within Catholic communities: a new theological approach - presentation for “The ways of Love”, an International Conference towards pastoral care with homosexual and trans people (Rome, Italy, October 3, 2014).

Redenzione e testimonianza gay

NEW BOOK (Italian) Redenzione e testimonianza gay: Per una rilettura girardiana della Bibbia e della violenza.

James' biography and interview (audio and text) on the LGBT Religious Archives Network website (2014)

AUDIO Interview with James Alison on the Australian ABC radio, 35:02, MP3 or iTunes.

Renewing the Tradition: The theological project of James Alison - James’ profile by Grant Kaplan, an associate professor of systematic theology at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Mo., published by the America magazine.

Forthcoming events and engagements:

26 July - 1st Aug: René Girard Winter School, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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James’ latest work, a video curriculum for small groups called Jesus the Forgiving Victim: Listening for the Unheard Voice, is now available for purchase. Also available are books in printed and Kindle editions.