Raising Abel: The Recovery of the Eschatological Imagination | Living in the End Times: The Last Things Re-imagined

Raising AbelPublished under the titles Raising Abel: The Recovery of the Eschatological Imagination and 
Living in the End Times: The Last Things Re-imagined

London: SPCK, 2010 (2nd ed., ISBN 9780281063512; ebook – 9780281065554).
New York: Crossroad, 1996 (ISBN 082451565X).
London: SPCK, 1997 (ISBN 8425420970).

An excerpt from the book

The publisher wrote: This ground-breaking book by conytoversial theologian James Alison was originally published in the UK under the title Living in the End Times: The last things re-imagined. In this revised version, the author has added an all-new chapter reflecting on his work in the light of events since its original publication. And in doing so, he brings a seminal work into the twenty-first century with a fresh and revealing relevance.

raisingabelRené Girard wrote: James Alison gives us a book exceptional book for its realism regarding the psychic misery of our world and for its focusing on the central mysteries of the Gospels, the Passion and the Resurrection. What makes the book truly unique is its supreme and vibrant Christocentrism in a world where even many people of good will do not know, once again, where they have put the Lord. Instead of further undermining our faith,Raising Abel helps our unbelief.

livingendtimesRowan Williams wrote: James Alison has a very rare gift in making the New Testament really new to the reader. This book takes up and takes further the brilliant work he has already published on Jesus, and thinks through a comprehensive theology of how we are transformed, set free from a culture of terror and violence into a new condition of sharing in the imagination of Jesus. A deeply compelling book.

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