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James Alison talks about his theological project following an introduction to his work by Grant Kaplan in America magazine:

James' videos on YouTube

Conversation with a gay priest - video interview and concise presentation of James' life and writings by an Australian Jesuit magazine, Eurika Street.

Is it Ethical to be Catholic? Queer Perspectives - YouTube video of a contribution to a panel discussion in Most Holy Redeemer Parish Church, San Francisco, 12 February 2006. The text of this contribution has previously been published on this website.

Blindsided by God: reconciliation from the underside - a talk at the Trinity Institute, New York City.

Embodying "God's Earth-shaking Mercy". This link leads to the contents page; scroll down to find James Alison's talk.

Following the still small voice: Experience, truth and argument as lived by Catholics around the gay issue
Watch or listen to this talk (external link)


AUDIO Interview with James Alison on the Australian ABC radio, 35:02, MP3 or iTunes.

Sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Lent (Lazarus) given at St Leo's Parish, Tacoma, USA on 6 April 2014.

On Religion, Violence and Mimetic Theory [scroll down the page] - a discussion between Brian McLaren - podcast regular, activist, author and emerging church pioneer - and James Alison which took place on 13 July at the end of the 2013 COV&R Conference in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Playing for Keeps with Theologian James Alison - James joined the Playing for Keeps radio show to explore how The Hunger Games and chapter 7 of the Old Testament book of Joshua have something very important in common: a lottery in which the winners get to die for the sake of the community. Same in mp3 format | Same in iTunes | transcript (html, pdf).

Cover of the The Shape of God’s AffectionThe Shape of God’s Affection (audio CDs)
James Alison, in four stimulating sessions, reflects on the experience of God’s presence, as encountered in Hebrew scripture and the New Testament. In the fifth talk, Alison discusses issues related to being gay and Christian today. A dialogue between James Alison and Laurence Freeman, moderated by Denis McAuliffe, concludes this enriching and thought-provoking recording. The sections make for easier personal selection and group listening. Available from the Contempative Life bookstore.

Sexuality, Certainty and Salvation (audio and transcript)
James Alison reflects on his own experience as a gay Catholic, on the givenness of sexual orientation, and on what he calls "the shape of God's affection" in an interview to the Australian broadcaster ABC.

Interview on the Sister Talk Radio.

A Matter of Truth or a Matter of Human Rights? Shifting the Focus of Gay Self-Presentation in Religious Debates - a conversation during a Lavender Lunch at the Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry, Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley, California, USA), 12 September 2002.

Two talks (MP3) from The Sixth National Symposium on Catholicism and Homosexuality (March 2007, Minneapolis, USA): Navigating Uncharted Waters: The Gift of Faith And Growing UP LGBT and The Shape of Daring Imagination: Coming Out and Coming Home. If you wish to dowload the talks, right click on the link (or Ctrl + ⌘ Mac users) and choose Save Link As (in Firefox) or similar to safe the file. Both talks are available for purchase on CD from Resurrection Communications.

Three Greenbelt Festival 2006 and 2007 talks: Dealing with the Clobber Texts, Exploring the New Testament Clobber Texts and Stand Up And Be Godless: On Receiving the Gift of Faith. (Thank you Tim Huegerich for spotting broken links for these talks and suggesting the correct ones - Editor.)

Two sermons given in 2005 are available in audio (MP3) format from the House of Mercy (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) website: Staggered Vision - the sermon for Easter Sunday evening (John 20:1-9), and Show Us the Father - the sermon for the 5th Sunday of Easter (John 14:1-12).

2006 Holy Week sermons given at All Saints Episcopal Church (Atlanta, USA): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (transcrips of the first three sermons) and Thursday (readings: Cor 11:23-26, John 13:1-17, 31b-35). If you wish to dowload the talks, right click on the link (or Ctrl + ⌘ Mac users) and choose Save Link As (in Firefox) or similar to safe the file.