17 March: meeting leadership of Efetà and other Mexican LGBT Catholic groups preparing national Conference in November. 19-23 March: recording YouTube content, Universidad Iberoamericana

Return to Madrid for Holy Week triduum.

16 April: Newcastle 18-19 April: Durham University, Centre for Catholic Studies 10th Anniversary Celebratory Conference 19-22 April: Leeds 19 April: Did God K*ll Jesus? – Cielo Coffee York Place, 18 York Place, Leeds 21 April: Christ Crucified – the power of God and the wisdom of… Continue Reading

25 April – 7 May: Bethlehem University, Bethlehem – ten days of teaching

One in Christ: Why do LGBTQI people feel excluded by the Churches? This evening brings two groundbreaking Christian thinkers to discuss the meaning of homosexuality for today. Why has a natural human orientation so often been cruelly punished and persecuted… Continue Reading