Welcome to my world… (notes on the reception of a bombshell)

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Yes, but is it true?

Before I go any further: some disclosures. Of the many sources in this book, I am one of relatively few to appear under their own name. I was approached because a Parisian colleague of the author’s tipped him off Book cover to my attempts, over the last twenty-five years, at writing and talking about this reality. To my considerable relief it turns out that I had indeed intuited many of the story’s structuring elements. As a bonus, the author has treated me with undeserved generosity, even to the extent of including my French Bulldog, Nicholas, in his pages. I wish to disclose, however, not merely the fact of being a source, but also what I learned through the process of becoming one, since it has a direct bearing on whether the author is trustworthy, and whether what he says is true. These are questions which are likely to be raised given the need some people will surely have to shoot the messenger and downplay the message.

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